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Buick Regal HID Kit

Buick Regal HID Kit - Buick Apollo HID Lights

Buick Regal

Complete HID Kit:


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     Who doesn’t want luxury in their car? You can get the luxurious look you want with great visibility to boot with HID headlights. This doesn’t require a trip to the dealer to accomplish or a bank breaking investment either. You can get amazing results with headlight kits. These kits allow you to choose your bulb color and with a little time invested and a small amount of money you can transform your Buick Regal into a more luxurious ride with terrific visibility.

     The quality of these lights is easy to see when we provide solid bulbs and ballasts that will last. We are proud to provide our customers with light kits that will give them results as good as those they would see from the manufacturer for far less money. When you are finished with the job you will see an immediate transformation in your Buick that brings it to a new level of style.