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Cadillac Seville HID Kit

Cadillac Seville HID Kit - Cadillac Seville HID Lights

Cadillac Seville

Complete HID Kit:


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     Turning your Cadillac Seville into the luxury machine that you are wanting doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can make some great alterations that have big impact for a price within your budget. One great way to get that look is with HID headlights. Even though your vehicle didn’t come with these from the factory you can install them very easily with light kits. This is a nice way to get the same look without spending a small fortune or a large amount of time on the project.

     Our kits offer you a high quality bulb and ballast for long life and great results. This keeps us well out in front of our competitors for far less of a price. These headlights offer visibility superior to the standard lights and they easily use less energy to accomplish the goal. The fact that they provide your Cadillac with a luxurious look is an added bonus.