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Chrysler 200 HID Kit

Chrysler 200 HID Kit - Chrysler 200 HID Lights

Chrysler 200

Complete HID Kit:


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     The Chrysler 200 is a new car for this manufacturer, introduced for the first time with the 2011 model year and as a replacement for the Chrysler Sebring. While this new beauty uses the Sebring platform, there have been many power train and cosmetic changes that make the 200 stand far apart from the Sebring. This mid-size sedan also comes in a convertible model. But one thing this new vehicle doesn’t come with is HID headlights. HID lights are the newest type of lights but we are not sure why they don’t come standard on all new cars and trucks. HID headlights are far superior to traditional halogen lights. They are much brighter and powerful, yet they use less energy to operate. They are inexpensive, yet they are long-lasting. To improve your new Chrysler 200 our headlight kits contain everything you need to install these lights so you can see for yourself.