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Chrysler New Yorker HID Kit

Chrysler New Yorker HID Kit - Chrysler New Yorker HID Lights

Chrysler New Yorker

Complete HID Kit:


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     Just about everyone has heard of the Chrysler New Yorker, which was Chrysler’s flagship vehicle for many years. This car itself was introduced in 1946, but production ceased in 1996, and that last year, only 3,295 cars were manufactured. If you own one of these iconic pieces of automobile history, then you should be conscious of the choices you make with doing repairs and upgrades. One thing that will be worth it would be to install HID headlights. These lights will modernize your New Yorker, while at the same time providing a lot more light for night driving than a halogen light bulb. These lights also last a lot longer than regular headlights, and they just might outlive your Chrysler New Yorker. When you need new headlights, purchase our light kits to make the installation a snap. It is a quick project that you can do yourself, avoiding the expense of a costly mechanic.