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Chrysler PT Cruiser HID Kit

Chrysler PT Cruiser HID Kit - Chrysler PT Cruiser HID Lights

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Complete HID Kit:


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     The Chrysler PT Cruiser has made heads turn since it first came out in 2000 and was designed to look like an old gangster getaway car or hot rod Model A wagon. What many people may not know is that the Chrysler PT Cruiser is technically a truck in the United States, according to the NHTSA for CAFÉ fuel economy calculations. But all other metrics classify this 5-passenger front-wheel drive, automobile as a car. The original model came out in 2000, for the 2001 model year, a turbocharged GT model came out in 2002 for the 2003 model year, and a convertible model became available for the 2005 model year.

     This flashy car has a reputation to uphold and is often showcased in car shows customized and even “pimped out”. Not only featuring flashy paint jobs, but complete interior resigns that look like they came straight from the future are popular with PT Cruiser showcar owners. And with a car of this standard, only the best parts and accessories should be used. To keep up with the reputation of this coveted vehicle, we suggest replacing broken or inefficient headlights with HID lights. You might as well stay with the best of the best and use high-quality headlights, especially since they are so cheap.

     If your headlights work fine, but you want to try your hand at customization without breaking the bank, HID headlight kits are perfect for you. Everything you need is included in the kits for a DIY job that only takes a couple of hours. And since these light kits come with high-quality products, the light bulbs will probably outlast your Chrysler PT Cruiser. These lights are 3 times more powerful and light up more of the road, but they use only a fraction of the power of traditional lights.