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Chrysler Voyager HID Kit

Chrysler Voyager HID Kit - Chrysler Voyager HID Lights

Chrysler Voyager

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     The Chrysler Voyager is another big hit for this automobile manufacturer. Rolled out in 1988, the Chrysler Voyager has been a staple of Chrysler Corp outside of the United States ever since. This minivan had a short lifespan in the United States, from 2001 to 2003, but it is still made in Europe and Mexico to this day. In 2001, the brand name was changed to Lancia to strengthen the Chrysler-Lancia integration in Europe, but is keeping the Chrysler brand in Ireland and the UK. Since this vehicle was only made in the United States for such a short time, it might be difficult for Voyager owners to find replacement headlights. It is this specific situation that inspired us to create HID conversion kits. These kits make it possible for the installation of HD headlights into any vehicle, of any make and model, of any year, and the headlights will fit perfectly.

     Most minivan owners are highly concerned with safety and if you need any reason to go ahead and purchase one of our HID headlight kits, safety is as good of a reason as anything else. HID lights are drastically brighter than the lights that were factory installed when you purchased the vehicle. And by drastically, it means that these lights are three times brighter than factory installed halogen headlights. This difference in brightness allows the driver to see a lot more of the road ahead and around the minivan, and when you can see more, you are safer because it reduces the chances of an accident. Not only will the driver be able to see the driving environment better, but people outside of the vehicle, and other vehicles, will be able to see your car better too, again significantly reducing the chances of getting into an accident. And all this power doesn’t drain from the Chrysler Voyager’s battery. In fact, HID lights use over 20% less power than traditional headlights.