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Dodge Avenger HID Kit

Dodge Avenger HID Kit – Dodge Avenger HID Lights

Dodge Avenger

Complete HID Kit:


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     Stepping up the level of luxury in your Dodge Avenger can be accomplished without the help of the dealer. You don’t have to send your car off to the dealer to get luxury HID headlights installed and spend a fortune doing it. You can get the same great results with headlight kits. Our light kits come with the best bulbs and ballasts available as well as step by step instructions to get you from start to finish in very little time. The results are impressive and will supply you with excellent quality lights you can rely on.

     Selecting the color of the bulbs adds another layer of customization to your lights. You may even choose to convert your fog lights as well. In addition to looking amazing, HID headlights offer a heightened level of visibility making your Dodge much safer on the road. The headlight kits will have you running in style in no time at all and able to see well in nearly any type of weather conditions or the darkest of roads. Getting to your destination safely and ensuring the safety of those around you is vital. You can expect to see great distances with these lights and they will use a fraction of the energy that standard headlights use to do the job.

     Taking the initiative to make the conversion is going to make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your car and with little investment. You should be able to see results as soon as the job is done. What you see will compare to that of a manufacturer installation. Getting results like this is well within reach for your Dodge Avenger. See what we have to offer and you will be well on your way to the next level of luxury and better visibility.