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Dodge B2500 HID Kit

Dodge B2500 HID Kit – Dodge B2500 HID Lights

Dodge B2500

Complete HID Kit:


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     Great visibility isn’t something you will find in the standard headlights of your Dodge B2500. HID headlights can provide you with higher visibility and a great look of luxury. Though they didn’t come with your vehicle from the manufacturer you can still have this same excellent quality using headlight kits for the installation. We pride ourselves on high quality bulbs and ballasts in our kits. Taking the work into your own hands will save you a great deal of money and will give you excellent results. When selecting your kit you will be able to select a bulb color and whether you intend to change out your fog lights at the same time. The process of converting your lights will only take you a short time and the results will be comparable to that of an installation by the manufacturer. You will be up and running in your Dodge by night fall.