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Dodge B3500 HID Kit

Dodge B3500 HID Kit – Dodge Aries HID Lights

Dodge B3500

Complete HID Kit:


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     Taking your Dodge B3500 to the next level in style and sophistication could be as simple as replacing your standard headlights with HID headlights. This is something you can do yourself by using headlight kits fully equipped to get the job done. Our kits include bulbs and ballasts that are far superior to that of our competition and step by step instructions to help you through the process. You will see results in your lights as soon as the job is complete and your light kits even offer you the chance to pick your own bulb colors. With such a small financial investment you will be pleased with the dramatic transition in your Dodge along with the increased nighttime road visibility that they provide. Don’t underestimate the wow factor in a change in your headlights. Take the next step to get a personalized look in only a few hours while staying in budget.