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Dodge Colt HID Kit

Dodge Colt HID Kit – Dodge Colt HID Lights

Dodge Colt

Complete HID Kit:


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     Getting the high level of visibility and amazing style that comes with HID headlights is not outside of your reach, even if they didn’t come with your Dodge Colt. You also don’t have to take your car to the manufacturer to get the work done. Light kits provide you with everything you need to convert your standard lights to the high quality lights that will give you further visibility and provide your car with the level of luxury that you are looking for. Our headlight kits contain the highest quality bulbs and ballasts for long headlight life. You will find it easy to accomplish the goal of converting your standard bulbs with step by step instructions. You only need an afternoon at best to get the results you want with HID headlight conversion kits. Don’t under estimate the impact this simple change can make to your Dodge. Take the time to pick out the bulb color that you want and decide if you want change over your fog lights as well.