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Dodge D350 HID Kit

Dodge D350 HID Kit – Dodge D350 HID Lights

Dodge D350

Complete HID Kit:


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     The visibility of HID headlights is far superior to the standard bulbs used in the Dodge D350 straight from the manufacturer. This is one of the reasons that you may want to change out your standard lights. You can do this on your own with only a small financial investment and some time using headlight kits. Our light kits include ballasts and bulbs that are far better than our competition. You will find that the work is easy and the instructions are step by step giving you all that you need to get the job done quickly. In addition to improving your road visibility, these lights will also look amazing. They will bring a level of style and luxury to your Dodge and save a good bit of money doing it. You can complete the job in an afternoon and have results that are hard to tell apart from that of a manufacturer installation.