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Eagle Talon HID Kit

Eagle Talon HID Kit - Eagle Talon HID Lights

Eagle Talon

Complete HID Kit:


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     While your Eagle Talon might already have great style and comfort, there is a great way to get added luxury and a heightened level of visibility for your machine in no time at all. Using our headlight kits to change your standard headlights to HID lights is a great way to make a major change with little money and time. The light kits come with the highest in quality of bulbs and ballasts giving you everything you need to change the old lights out. You will be given the option to select a color for your bulbs and also have the ability to change out your fog lights as well. With just a bit of time, the ability to read easy directions and some basic tools you will have a new look to your Eagle in an afternoon. The financial cost is far less than that of a dealer installation with results that are more than comparable.