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Ferrari 348 HID Kit

Ferrari 348 HID Kit - Ferrari 348 HID Lights

Ferrari 348

Complete HID Kit:


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     While your Ferrari 348 may be an impressive sports car you might be thinking about finding a way to elevate the luxury level of the vehicle. This can be done without a great deal of financial investment and with just a bit of time. An excellent way to create a level of luxury like that provided by the manufacturer is with converting your standard headlights to HID headlights. This doesn’t require that you spend a great deal of money or even that you take the car to the dealer or mechanic to accomplish. We offer headlight kits that will help you convert your current lights into the high quality HID headlights that will change the look of your car.

     Our light kits include high quality bulbs and ballasts that are easy to install using the instructions included. When selecting your kit you will be able to select the color of the bulbs you want to use. This makes it easy to customize the look of your Ferrari 348. When making your selection you will also want to consider whether or not to change out your fog lights while you are making the change over. Either way you go, the complete conversion will take only a few hours and you will be up and running by nightfall ready to show off the dramatic new look.

     Along with adding to your level of luxury when you install these lights you will also be enhancing your road visibility. There is no comparison to the strength of visibility with HID headlights. You will be able to see farther, in worse weather while using 24% less energy than the standard bulbs. The cost of doing this conversion yourself is far less than having someone else do it for you or having the dealer take the lead.