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Toyota Solara HID Kit

Toyota Solara HID Kit - Toyota Solara HID Lights

Toyota Solara

Complete HID Kit:


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     The legendary Toyota Solara is a magnificent and well enjoyed coupe that is also offered as a luxurious convertible. This highly rated and fun to drive machine gives you much of what makes Toyota great, with the only exception being its lack of ability when it comes to its lighting technology. Unfortunately the Toyota Solara still utilizes the inferior halogen bulbs that traditionally comes stock, and in order to give your vehicle more in this area you will need to replace these bulbs with an HID conversion kit. Statistics show that as a night time driver you are at greater risk for accident and you need to actively change things to protect yourself. The HID (high intensity discharge) lighting is a perfect way to do this and it is created through the burning of a special gas called xenon. Once this occurs HID lights are able to generate an incredible amount of light that can give you a much bigger area to see while you are driving. In addition to the ability that HID lights have, they also grant your Toyota Solara an amazing look.