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Toyota T100 HID Kit

Toyota T100 HID Kit - Toyota T100 HID Lights

Toyota T100

Complete HID Kit:


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     In the early 90s there was a remarkable full sized pickup truck that was released called the Toyota T100. Even though this truck had some good solid features and was priced right, it still was never able to live up to its potential because its headlights could only produce so much light. The standard halogen headlights that came stock could only illuminate so much of the road, and there are some Toyota T100 owners that have now gone back and utilizing the powerful HID conversion kit change this limitation. HID (high intensity discharge) lights are specially designed xenon bulbs that can emit a tremendous amount of light enabling drivers to better see when driving at night. Authorities have stressed that the odds are not in your favor when you are driving in the dark, and when you are using lights that are not as strong as HID lighting you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk. By installing HID bulbs you can be a safer driver and also have a Toyota T100 that is unique and stylish looking.