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Volvo 940 HID Kit

Volvo 940 HID Kit - 940 HID Lights

Volvo 940

Complete HID Kit:


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     Get the very best out of your Volvo 940 by installing a powerful set of specially designed xenon HID headlights. The super bright HID conversion kit that you can easily install can not only give you a greater reach with your headlights, but also one that is wider, giving you the ultimate in its ability to better protect you and those around you. Statistics show that while you are traveling at night you are at a higher risk of not just accidents, but fatalities. The Volvo 940 was first introduced after the brief run of the 840 during the early 90s and gained popularity as an incredible luxury Swiss vehicle. However the serious lack of power and effectiveness in its headlight system made it vulnerable to the possible threat of what there may be resting out in the darkness. In addition to being an amazingly powerful device, HID lighting is a great way to give your Volvo 940 an amazing look with the over all glow and power that these lights offer.