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VW Beetle HID Kit

VW Beetle HID Kit - VW Beetle HID Lights

VW Beetle

Complete HID Kit:


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     Whether it is a classic bug, or a contemporary VW Beetle, by using the power of an amazing HID conversion kit you can give your vehicle not only the ability to have the very best in style and class, but also better functionality and safety then what comes stock. Using the specially designed VW Beetle xenon bulbs can give you remarkably superior headlights that are capable of giving off an intense glow that both extends farther and reaches wider than any traditional halogen bulb can. In addition to this, the VW Beetle HID kit is simple to install and when complete it can give you the upper hand against any of the possible unknowns that may be lurking in the darkness. Statistics show that the odds are unfortunately not as good for night time drivers as they are for day. You need every advantage you can get, and with HID lights you can convert your standard lights in to ones that will both protect you, and look amazing.