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VW Eos HID Kit

VW Eos HID Kit - VW Eos HID Lights

VW Eos

Complete HID Kit:


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     There is nothing quite like the experience of driving your VW EOS with the top down, enjoying the cool night air as you travel. The only thing that could make this experience any better is if your stock halogen headlights allowed you to adequately see the road in front of you. When it comes to safety and style there is no substitution for the awesome power of the VW EOS HID conversion kit. The HID is a specially designed headlight that replaces your standard halogen bulb and gives you the ability to see a broader range of area as you are traveling at night. At a time when statistics show that you are at a much greater risk for serious injury you need every advantage you can get and xenon HID lights can help give that to you. They are not only unbelievably effective, but they are also extremely attractive and can add to the overall appeal that is already present with the VW EOS. In addition to the benefits that this amazing light has, the kit is also very easy to install. Don’t be another statistic when giving yourself superior lighting can be so simple.