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VW Passat HID Kit

VW Passat HID Kit - VW Beetle HID Lights

VW Passat

Complete HID Kit:


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     Give your VW Passat the very best in industry lighting with the advanced technology behind the HID xenon bulb. By adding the incredible power of the HID conversion kit you can give yourself lighting that is not only powerfully projected but also gives a much wider angel, giving you the ultimate in night time driving ability. The standard basic halogen bulbs that comes stock on the VW Passat cannot compare to the remarkable ability that HID lighting has. Statistics show that you are at a much greater risk for serious injury when driving at night, and when you are using lighting that is not showing you everything that you need to protect yourself you need to have other options. HID lights can give your WV Passat that power. By using these easy to install lights you can not only add a tremendous driving edge to your automobile, but also an element of class and style with the beautiful look that these lights give off.