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VW R32 HID Kit

VW R32 HID Kit - VW R32 HID Lights

VW R32

Complete HID Kit:


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     In the automotive industry the VW R32 is a rarity. Not only is it a compact hatch car, but it is overflowing with perfected performance. Although this is a highly rated economy car and a dream come true in many regards for drivers who need both conservative energy usage, and an effective punch, the one area that the VW R32 does not do as well is its ability to adequately light up the road when you are traveling at night. In order to properly do this you need to install a powerful xenon HID light. These are ultra bright bulbs that are capable of exploding an impressive beam of light much greater than any traditional halogen bulb can. Not only will having a HID lighting conversion kit enable your VW R32 of having a superior light that is beautiful and better than anything else out there, it is relatively simple to install. These are bulbs that can be a huge benefit when you are driving at a time when you are statistically more vulnerable to serious injury.