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The installation process will inevitably be different for each vehicle and this is only a general guide for most vehicles.

Required Parts:
- An HID Conversion kit with the following parts:
1. Two HID Ballasts
2. Two HID Bulbs
3. All necessary wiring
- Rubber gloves
- Electrical tape
- Mounting hardware (zip ties, double sided tape, etc.)

Before Installing
- Do not touch the HID bulbs with your bare skin*
- Wear rubber gloves

1. Open your vehicles hood and unplug your car’s battery terminal
2. Remove your vehicles headlight grommet (usually rubber but may be plastic) which should give you access to your headlight bulbs
3. Unplug your vehicle’s headlight bulb.
4. Remove your vehicles headlight bulb from the headlamp assembly. This may require the removing any retaining clips that keep the bulb in place.
5. Mount your ballast somewhere in your vehicle’s engine bay that will be close enough to the headlamp but without interfering with any other component in your engine bay. This may require different mounting hardware based as each vehicle’s unique engine layout.
6. After securing your ballasts in an appropriate place, insert the HID bulb into your headlamp and re-secure the retaining clips or whatever kept the halogen bulb in place.
7. Insert your positive wire, which is indicated by the red wire, into the original bulb’s plug and your negative (black) wire into the negative slot. This step may vary based on what type of bulb size you have. You may have a bulb size that only requires connecting two connectors. 
8. If your bulb size requires the insertion of the two positive and negative wires into the original headlight harness, you will need to wrap the connection with electrical tape.
9. Insert your HID bulb wire into the HID ballast connector.
10. Secure your vehicle’s car battery terminal back on.
11. Turn your vehicle on and activate your headlamps for a minimum of 15 minutes (burn in period).