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Color and temperature are two terms that you will inevitably hear when contemplating your HID kit purchase. Color is self explanatory but temperature relates to more than just color. Lumen output (brightness) varies depending on which color (temperature) HID bulb you choose.

As temperature increases from ~5000k brightness will decrease. For example, the brightest HID bulbs we offer are 5000k which are the brightest OEM white available. As you increase temperature, the lumen output (brightness) will decrease.

Another example would be a 6000k compared to the 8000k. The 6000k is a lighter blue but brighter than the 8000k which is deeper blue but lower lumen output.

Customers that are looking to greatly improve visibility but also achieve that distinct HID blue are generally recommended a 6000k bulb. We believe this is the best compromise as the 6000k is incredibly bright but also has that exotic HID look.